Horses for Lease


Available for on farm 1/2 lease:


Belle, 18 year old bombproof welsh pony.  She is the perfect bombproof pony to learn on.  Belle is suitable for beginners and up.  She is happy to have beginners learn on her as well as do jump courses and attend horse shows for more advanced riders. Judge’s have commented that she could be just a straight dressage pony because of her suspension. But of course we have her do a little bit of everything, including trails.

Cinderella, 15 year old welsh cross pony.  She has pony clubbed, evented, and has shown in hunters.  She is suitable for beginners and up.  Rella is a good teacher for helping students to learn how to use their seat and hands to establish a good connection.

Indy, 5 yo Friesian cross mare.  She needs and intermediate rider and up as she is still green.  She has successfully shown in pleasure, completed paperchases, trails, and has schooled small cross country jumps.